It is Specific Projects Ltd's policy to deliver safe, professional and assured services to meet the needs and requirements of our clients and to enhance their satisfaction.  Specific Projects Ltd recognises that effective quality management is an essential part of business management and will seek to provide assurance accordingly.  Furthermore, Specific Projects Ltd is committed to continuous improvement in the effectiveness of its Quality Management System and shall ensure the full engagement of employees in this respect.

In applying this policy, Specific Projects Ltd aims to achieve a high level of quality performance, to assure clients that Specific Projects Ltd's services are provided under the control of the Quality Management System to a consistent standard.

In following this policy, Specific Projects Ltd shall:

  • Establish business planning and management process which define company objectives and targets.  Peformance against these agreed objectives and targets shall be regularly reviewed.
  • Establish process and systems to manage client interfaces and measure, analyse and enhance customer satisfactions.
  • Maintain an integrated management system that is compliant withthe requirements of ISO9001:2000 and incorporates our health, safety and environmental systems.
  • Maintain an audit regime which demonstrates the ongoing application and effectiveness of the management system.
  • Implement systems to record, analyse, summarise and communicate data necessary to monitor the performance of the organisation against business targets.
  • Communicate the content and intent of this policy to all staff, including requiring their strict adherence to the principles and practices of our Quality Management System.
  • Provide training and resources necessary to maintain the effective andefficient operation of company management systems.
  • Work in partnership with suppliers and sub-contractors to assure the quality, safety and consistency of the products or services provided.

Specific Projects Ltd Quality Management System is subject to regular management review and both internal and external audit.

Issued by: HSEQ

Date: January 2015